Scheduled Coitus

Normally in the reproductive life of the couple should not find any problem to achieve a pregnancy.

When you get to spend a period greater than six months and this has not been achieved, the couple begins to worry, that's when they come to seek professional help. Programmed intercourse is a method used so that the couple can conceive a pregnancy naturally.

After having reviewed the woman in the office and having taken a colposcopy, pap smear, vaginal ultrasound and all this is normal, you have to send a gynecological profile and a hysterosalpingogram. And to your partner a study of sperm.

If all this procedure is normal, the couple is cited on the second or third day of their menstruation to start a slight ovarian stimulation, and approximately on the 14th day of their menstrual cycle, ask them to have sexual relations with their partner, in this way obtaining the result of a pregnancy.

The success rate of a scheduled intercourse is 10%. In case of not obtaining a positive result, we go to an artificial insemination.